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Our Experience and Industry Concentrations

In business for 20+ years, QualiData delves inside the minds and hearts of people from every walk of life and market segment – from fashion trend-setters to immigrants to cancer patients to C-level corporate officers. There is a single focus to our rigorous consumer and B2B investigations – to better understand consumer culture, discover unmet needs and then, using out-of-the box thinking, to translate these discoveries into insights and strategies for product innovation and brand-building.

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Approach toClient Service

Five things to know about QualiData’s product innovation and brand consulting services:

  1. Our work and business relationships are guided by our company’s entrenched values of rigor, integrity, social responsibility and transparency.
  2. Responsiveness, flexibility and a spirit of collaboration is the core of our client service approach.
  3. The QualiData team has a track record for managing complex studies in the US and globally, within tight time lines and tight budgets.
  4. You can count on QualiData’s consultants to offer counsel about any cultural nuances that emerge from your study and explain the implications for your business.
  5. You will always receive visually compelling reports, delivered very quickly and woven with valuable strategies and solutions. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering high-level insights and powerful recommendations to help our clients capture new business opportunities.


To arrive at winning product innovation and branding strategies, we have to dig deep to understand the underlying dynamics that explain people’s behavior, opinions and attitudes. QualiData’s consultants select the right tools or combination of tools that will enable you to discover both simple and profound answers to your marketing questions.

QualiData’s Cultural Immersion Treks™ offer international business executives up close and personal encounters with American culture – we’ll create an itinerary for your group that is both fun and inspiring. We can introduce you to American lifestyles, retailers, geographic regions, etc.

Get in touch with us today to find out which of the creative methods in our toolbox can most cost-effectively and powerfully address your business and marketing objectives.


Managing Director Hy Mariampolski, Ph.D. founded QualiData in 1981, after serving as a Marketing Director at the New York City Chamber of Commerce. Sharon Wolf came on board in 1987 as co-Managing Director following a career in financial and professional services marketing.

Dr. Hy is a sociologist whose Ph.D. training combined community sociology, social psychology and cultural anthropology. Before establishing QualiData, he taught qualitative research methods courses to social science students at Kansas State University, Yeshiva University and Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Hy pioneered the application of ethnographic methods for marketers. He has published scores of articles, written a book, Ethnography for Marketers, and teaches courses and workshops across the globe about best practices for ethnographic research and consulting.

Managing Director Sharon Wolf, M.A., M.S. joined QualiData after an 8-year “client-side” career where she rose quickly from copywriter to Manager of New Products and Services to International Marketing Director. Sharon brought to QualiData experience planning and conducting qualitative marketing research as well as experience managing marketing communications and developing new products and services at the global professional and financial services firms of Marsh & McLennan, Inc., Deloitte and Oppenheim, Appel & Dixon.

While at QualiData, Sharon has a built a track record for creating winning, research-based marketing strategies, particularly for beauty, personal care, health care, home care, luxury goods and mobile communications.

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