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Product Innovation

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Case Study 1:Givaudan Flavors Corp.

8-Country Chicken Flavor Ethnography for Givaudan Flavors Corp.

Objectives and Methods

Observe home cooks across cultures and countries to discover authentic flavors for chicken dishes and for inspiring flavor product innovation.

Outcomes for Givaudan’s Business
  • QualiData generated dozens of unique chicken flavor concepts that Givaudan developed, produced and marketed B2B as part of its TasteEssentials™ program.
  • Co-participation gave Givaudan’s food marketers and flavor scientists cultural immersion experiences, helping them get to know global consumers in the context of their own kitchens.
  • Learn more about our global ethnography for Givaudan …read Mrs. Wu Makes a Meal (pdf)

Case Study 2:LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson Company

Using Glucose Monitors - A Day-in-the Life of Diabetes Patients for LifeScan

Objectives and Methods

To improve the design and functionality of glucose monitors by observing and understanding diabetes patient lifestyles, usage contexts, satisfactions, problems encountered and unmet needs.

Outcomes for LifeScan Business
  • Product design for the OneTouch Sure Step™ glucose monitor was re-engineered to include a larger digital read-out, a less painful ways to obtain blood samples and simplified functionality. LifeScan was first among its competitors to make these product improvements.
  • Consumer-relevant product benefits and marketing communications strategies recommended by QualiData have been integrated into OneTouch Sure Step™ packaging and advertising campaigns.
  • LifeScan employees gained customer familiarity by viewing QualiData’s ethnography-based video, “A Day in the Life of Diabetes Patients.” The video played in the employee cafeteria for the benefit of all staff.

Case Study 3:CIBA VISION, A Novartis Company

Young Adults and Contact Lens Care: A 3-Country Observational Study

Objectives and Methods

Direct observation of men and women inserting and removing their contact lenses, combined with in-depth interviews afterwards, addressed these objectives:

  • Understand young adults’ lifestyles, lens care usage contexts and product usage behaviors.
  • Identify opportunities for incremental product and packaging improvements.
Outcomes for the CIBA VISION Business
  • Discovered the dynamics of young adult consumers’ 24/7 lifestyle and its impact on contact lens usage and care.
  • Observations revealed the problems related to being visually impaired while inserting contact lenses. CIBA VISION followed our advice to create a larger, color-coded lens carrying case so that customers could better distinguish the left and right lenses during the lens insertion process.
  • Introduced travel-size lens solution containers to address consumers’ needs for away-from-home lens care.
  • Simplified product usage instructions on packaging and on package inserts and added more consumer relevant benefits to packaging copy.

Winning Products Inspired by QualiData

  • Barilla Plus Pasta line extension
  • Brawny Decorative Tabletop Napkin Dispensers
  • Citibank ATM kiosks for 7-Eleven convenience stores
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Combat Outdoor Ant Stakes
  • Kingsford® Charcoal with Mesquite
  • Givaudan Taste Essentials™ authentic Chicken flavors
  • Illy single serve espresso capsules
  • Ferrero Rondoir® dark chocolates, with PEOPLE Research, SRL.
  • Moen Revolution massaging showerhead