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How-to Articles

Mrs. Wu Cooks Chicken, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 2010.

Describes how a 7-country ethnographic study involving client co-participation guided Givaudan in creating a new range of chicken flavors for its commercial customers.

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What Does Italian Mean to You? Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 2006.

Explains how QualiData helped Barilla distinguish and enhance its brand using a novel combination of qualitative methods.

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Observing People in their Natural Surroundings, Research World, 2006.

Ethnography seeks to anticipate the future marketplace rather than audit current behavior. It also requires high-level analytic abilities for moving from behavioral observation to cultural understanding to pinpointing opportunities that will help build the client’s business. This article offers tips for gaining the most benefit from ethnographic methods.

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New Product Innovation: Watch, Listen and Learn, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 2005.

Describes 10 categories of observations and behavioral cues that can be used to inspire product innovation.

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The Revolution is at Hand, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 2002.

Details the methods, challenges, insights and new product opportunities that emerged from QualiData’s now classic Bathing and Showering Ethnography for Moen.

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Community-based Methods for Multicultural Research, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 1995.

Offers timeless hands-on advice for organizing marketing research in ethnic neighborhoods, among people who have no prior experience participating in marketing research studies.

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A Guide to Writing and Evaluating Qualitative Research Proposals, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, 1992.

Provides tips for writing strong RFPs and describes important criteria for evaluating proposals. A valuable must-read for corporate managers and research consultants.

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