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QualiData’s Marketing Strategies: Outcomes of Recent Studies

Drawing on the resources in our qualitative methods tool box, QualiData’s custom research designs typically involve a carefully selected mix of methods.

The outcomes described below are based on insights generated from such qualitative research methods as video diaries, journals, collages, creativity groups, ethnography and Day-in-the-Life consumer immersion, street intercepts, usability observations and online communities. We also include traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews in study designs, as needed.

Take at look at this sampling of the outcomes of QualiData’s custom qualitative studies.

Arts and Culture

  • Creation of the BAMBus service to bring Manhattan residents to performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music + streamlining of membership benefits + flexible subscription options.
  • Program development and strategies for reversing subscriber attrition and expanding the subscriber base to a younger demographic: Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Philharmonic, San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Historical Society, Whitney Art Museum.
  • Program concept evaluation and branding strategies: Liberty Science Center Museum and New York Hall of Science.


  • Redesign of a prototype dashboard for a luxury car manufacturer based on in-car usability observations.
  • Launch of branded high performance tires that match the requirements of youthful car enthusiasts.
  • Brand positioning + creation of an automotive service concept for an international energy industry corporation.

Country Branding

  • Identification of emotional features, benefits and imagery for helping to motivate Americans to take UK vacations.
  • Identification of emotional features, benefits and imagery for strengthening Australia’s brading image in the US and helping overcome Americans’ reluctance to vacation in Australia. QualiData’s recommendations are woven throughout the country’s website,

Designer Fashion and Luxury Goods

  • Cultural assessment of American luxury fashion consumers by US region together with brand route strategies for Donatella Versace’s line extensions for high-end jewelry, handbags, shoes, fragrances and cosmetics.
  • Brand positioning recommendations for a new line of Armani luxury facial creams.
  • Package design and brand communications strategies for a new line of Givenchy fragrances.

Electronics and Mobile Communications

  • Uncovered young adult’s unmet needs for mobile web applications and defined features and benefits for application innovations: Motorola, AT&T and Nokia.
  • Discovered industrial business executives’ web usage patterns and information needs. Based on these insights, we generated website enhancement ideas for and
  • For a Silicon Valley VC-funded new venture, supported the development and marketing of a video device for communicating over the internet.

Financial & Professional Services

  • Grounded in usage observations and interviews of consumers, identified key features needed to enhance the usability of Citibank’s prototype banking services kiosks at 7-Eleven stores.
  • Developed a corporate brand strategy for KPMG following its merger.
  • Guided the development – from concept through launch – of new professional services targeted to CEOs and CFOs.

Foods & Beverages

  • Identified the best route for a new, mass market premium dark chocolate candy made by an Italian manufacturer. Launch resulted in strong market success across the US.
  • Created a line extension for the US market and new label designs for Santa Margarita wines.
  • Observation of consumers cooking meals with canned vegetables + marketing team ideation workshop led to the creation of new products and product line improvements for Del Monte.

Home Care, including cleaning, laundry, air care, etc.

  • Developed a new fragrance route for home care and personal care products based on consumer insights from creativity workshops and semiotic analysis.
  • Insights from in-home ethnographies led to product innovation for Georgia-Pacific: Decorated napkin dispenser packaging, seasonally-themed decorated paper towels, strong and sturdy everyday napkins, heavy duty paper towels.
  • Refined formats and packaging designs for air care products and toilet bowl cleaners.

Personal Care – beauty, body, hair, cosmetics, etc.

  • Defined the sensory characteristics of the ideal foundation make-up.
  • In-home observations of women’s make-up application led to product innovation for eye, face and lip cosmetics for L’Oreal.
  • Identified product features and benefits and created brand positioning for L’Oreal’s men’s face care line.

Pharmaceuticals – RX and OTC, providers, patients and caregivers

  • Generated new RX product concepts and formats for arthritis patients based on a Day-in-the-Life ethnography and creative exercises.
  • Created new oral care product concepts for the treatment of dry mouth for Colgate
  • Guided GSK in strengthening the branding and advertising communications for their erectile dysfunction product, Levitra.

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