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Trend Articles

Trend Spotting

Five years ago the UK’s Research magazine Editor Marc Brenner invited Dr. Hy to author a column focusing on emerging trends in the USA. Each of Hy’s articles accurately predicted shifts in American consumer culture – each of the trends he describes are fully established today.

Yummy Drugs, Stateside Column, Research magazine (UK), November 2005.

Healthy food is becoming the drug of choice across the U.S and across the globe. Dr. Hy found some examples on the streets of San Francisco. Read about the signs and signals of the “food as medicine” trend.

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Big Spenders, Stateside Column, Research magazine (UK), December 2005.

The growing affluence of African-American consumers calls for more sophisticated segmentation strategies.

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Creating Beauty at the Base of the Pyramid, Quirks Marketing Research Review, January 2010.

Dr. Hy describes the story behind the Brazilian hair care salon chain Beleza Natural. This unique business targets women of modest means and specializes in treating and styling curly hair.

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Dogged Sales, Stateside Column, Research magazine (UK), January 2005.

Sales of pet supplies have doubled during the past decade. Find out what’s spurring this growing trend.

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